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Elevate Your IOB – Webinars facilitated by Alice Dendinger with members of the Austin Alliance Group

These sessions will be held twice per month and will feature Alice Dendinger and/or a member of the Austin Alliance Group who will help participants elevate his or her IOB – Impact on the Business. By attending each session, participants will earn one recertification credit at the SPHR Level which is also qualified at the PHR level. They will receive a certificate from the Austin Alliance Group which can be submitted for recertification credits with your SHRM-SCP or SHRM-CP.

You will gain tips and tools to help you directly impact the overall success of your business. Handouts will be comprised of intellectual property gathered during 30 years as an HR Professional from Alice Dendinger, a Lifetime SPHR, Mediator, DiSC Behavioral Analyst, Accredited Five Behaviors Facilitator, MBTI Certified, EQi2.0 Certified and Future Search Facilitator. Featured guests will have attained credentials equal or better than those held by Alice Dendinger.

Create a Coaching Culture with DiSC – A Four-Part Webinar Series with Alice Dendinger, SPHR, and DiSC Ninja

Each session is from 11:00 am to Noon with a focused Q&A from Noon to 12:30 pm with participants who wish to remain on the call with Alice Dendinger. No charge for the Webinar. If you have taken a Wiley DiSC Profile already and would like to share your results with Alice, she can leverage your results during the call and “customize” it to an extent. Please send a pdf of your results to If you have not taken a Wiley DiSC Profile, they are available for $65.00. Just email for more information.

This webinar series is open to anyone in your HR Department or leadership, managerial or supervisory staff. Limited space is available. Reserve your spot today!

Culture and the C Employee

May 23, 2019

During this webinar series, Alice Dendinger will take participants on a Deep Dive of understanding and coaching employees whose DiSC profile results span the circumplex and impact the culture of your company. How do you provide coaching and leadership for each of the four styles in an effort to bring out the best in them and leverage their natural inclinations?

Begin with on-boarding a new employee or work with a tenured professional to understand their style better and how they can leverage their style when making organizational decisions, when problems need to be solved, when conflict erupts or when they just have to coexist with others like them or not like them in an effort to work better together.

By attending this series, you will receive intellectual property gathered by Alice Dendinger during a 25-year relationship with the best DiSC Profile and Product offering on the market – Wiley DiSC. By exploring samples of Everything DiSC Workplace profiles and comparison reports, participants will:

  • Explore a deep dive of one of the four key basic areas of DiSC – Dominance, Inspiration, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.
  • Coach employees in understanding their impact on the culture, given their natural styles and tendencies using their personalized results as a tool.
  • Explore employee comparison reports to understand the differences between the styles and provide coaching to employees who must work together to further the success of the organization.
  • Each session will isolate each key DiSC result quadrant to explore how that style reacts when things get tense, when problems need to be solved and when trying to connect with others.

Ask about the special offers available to participants who have attended all four full sessions.

Other Events

AHRMA Happy Hour

June 4, 2019

For more details on the above Happy Hour, click here to view the flyer

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