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by | Apr 6, 2020 | News

To our clients, fellow business-people, and friends: 

As this unprecedented and challenging time continues to unfold, we want to let you know that we feel you, we are with you, and we’ve got your back. I want to share some new and exciting updates from Austin Alliance Group, in hopes that we may be able to ease some of the stress of walking through this significant change. We see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we want to help you get there.

Our staff has been working virtually for almost 18 months prior to this global crisis. Fortunately, we have accountability, trust, open communication on our team, and are accustomed to working digitally. However, this change has impacted each one of our abilities to work from home effectively and efficiently. Some are now working under the same roof as a spouse for the first time. Some have become primary caretakers and teachers for their school-aged children. Some feel that the overload of information and increased communication is exhausting; while others, like me, are missing the physical interaction we usually have with our clients and each other. We are finding that we are not alone in our struggles.

Over the past several weeks, we have been able to figure out what works best for us in this new frontier using the tools we teach our clients every day. And we want to share these tips and tools with you!

Each week, we will be sending out quick tips on how you and your team can thrive right now. And best of all, they’re FREE! 

If you are looking for a more customized solution, we are currently offering On-Demand Support via a FREE 15-minute coaching session per organization to help you navigate whatever HR or workplace issue you and your team may be facing at this moment, including: 

  • Remote Workers Policies & Supervisor Guidance
  • Employee Relations & Facilitating Tough Conversations
  • Salary and Wage Changes
  • Navigating the New Labor Laws Implementation & Compliance
  • Reduction in Force Assistance (Guidance & Coaching)
  • Payroll & HRIS Systems Maximization 

Our guiding principle has always been “Help First,” and it rings true now, more than ever. With an average of 19 years of HR consulting experience across our staff, we are confident AAG can help guide you through any challenges you may be experiencing.

Please share this invitation with anyone who would find it useful as we continue to focus on helping first and staying united.

Lisa Blanton
CEO & Business Advisor


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