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Facilitation & Workshops

We deliver customized facilitation sessions to respond to your situation with a variety of tools and resources. Professional facilitators with the Austin Alliance Group help organizations and individuals, working through problems and challenges, helping them to identify obstacles, unify around common objectives, and perform together as a team.

Popular facilitations include:

• Customized surveys
• Focus groups
• DiSC® behavioral profiles
• The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team ™

HR Advising

Let us help you to identify, develop, and implement sustainable solutions that improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and the bottom line of your business performance.

• Policies and process reviews
• Strategic planning
• Systems redesigns
• Organizational restructuring
• Employee Development

Organizational Health, Culture Assessments, & Tools

• 360 ° Profiles
• Everything DiSC Products
• Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
• HRCI – Approved Provider
• Organizational and Employee Surveys
• PXT Select

Group and Team Development

Creating highly effective teams in your workplace is critical to completing projects and supporting your overall mission. Through training and facilitation, members of the Austin Alliance Group work with you to increase your team effectiveness.


We work with you to develop and deliver customized coaching sessions. Our professional coaches act as a neutral third party to help organizations and individuals work through problems and challenges, make decisions, and reach goals.

Our coaching solutions are commonly focused on performance improvement, career development or conflict management. All solutions follow a goal-focused process that is clearly linked to business and stakeholder needs.

Training & Development

Beginning with the individuals, we help people understand how their behavior impacts the people around them.

The next step in our training is to explore interpersonal relationships. There are no jobs that can be completed alone; everyone has to interact with someone at some point in the day. Our training programs help support success in co-worker and stakeholder relationships.

Cultural Transformation

Though organizational assessments, interviews, and team facilitation, we work with you to create a customized action plan, tailored to address your desired results. Helping you to manage change initiatives, add to organizational effectiveness, build team capabilities, and create a more positive work culture.

Organizational Development

We work closely with your executives and managers to create specific goals, plans, and processes to help enhance your future capabilities and effectiveness.

The Austin Alliance Group embraces the Human Performance Technology Model (HPT Model). Alice Dendinger is a certified facilitator for the Future Search strategic planning process.


Our Alliance Members can lead you through the process of developing a market-based compensation system from scratch or work to improving an existing compensation system.

Our compensation services include:

• Update of compensation philosophy
• Developing new job descriptions
• Match jobs with the external labor market
• Custom pay grade system and set salary administration guidelines

Public Speaking

Audiences enjoy our interactive and educational presentations that typically range from 45 minutes to two hours. Any of our training modules can be adapted to fit your company’s needs for a longer training engagement.

Customized for your engagement or off-site retreat, our professional presentations aren’t cookie cutter. Topics cover any area of human resource and business management or facet of communication.

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

The Austin Alliance Group will work with your in-house staff to create a process to handle company conflict, reduce employee turnover, and give managers the tools they need to be effective.

Using the proven techniques of workplace mediation, our trained mediators act as a natural third party to facilitate innovated ideas, mutual understanding and the successful resolution of conflicts.

Educational Webinars

Get professional continuing education on a wide variety of human resource and business topics. Stay up to date on the latest human resource and employee development trends. Many of our webinars are approved for HRCI recertification credits. Austin Alliance Group webinars cover topics on the go, available from your computer, tablet or mobile device.

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