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Fractional HR Services

Project based, Hourly as-needed, weekly and monthly subscription pricing.

Our Fractional HR services can assist with everything from benefits administration to handling sensitive employee matters. AAG’s HR Fractional services are designed to be flexible and adapt to your company’s specific needs as they arise, while ensuring compliance with all relevant HR regulations. We are your dedicated outsourced HR team, and we want to be your guide and make you the hero.

Optimizing Your Organization with Fractional HR Expertise. Here is what it includes...

Discover our wide range of HR services tailored to meet your specific needs. From strategic HR management to payroll and benefits administration, we offer comprehensive solutions to optimize performance and ensure compliance. Our expert team can assist with employee engagement, labor laws, organizational restructuring, and more. Whether you need policy development, recruitment support, or HRIS implementation, our dedicated outsourced HR team is here to guide you. Explore our services to elevate your human resource management capabilities and drive your organization’s success.


Human Resources

Advise and Execute

Employee Engagement, Reductions in Force, Organizational Restructuring, Navigating Labor Laws, Compliance, Strategic Planning and Performance Management


Handbook, Compliance, Policy & Procedures, Employee file storage, and HRIS Administration

Employee Lifecycle

Lead or assist clients by ensuring a seamless transition from applicant to productive contributor through onboarding, including the new hire orientation. Providing continuous support to cover the entire relationship between the employee and the organization. Should an employee need to leave the organization, AAG can complete employee separations efficiently and effectively using best business practices.


Payroll Management

Payroll Computation and Preparation

Our payroll service ensures precise and efficient calculation, preparation, and distribution of employee wages, deductions, and benefits.

State Registration Compliance

With our payroll service, we provide expert assistance in navigating the complexities of state regulations, ensuring your payroll system meets the specific legal requirements of each state



Annual Open Enrollments

Provide open enrollment assistance to businesses and their employees. Our team helps navigate the complexities of the process, which begins with reconciliation of the previous benefit period. Our goal is to make the enrollment process run smoothly, which ultimately leads to increased employee retention and satisfaction.

Monthly Reconciliation

We provide monthly reconciliation services for benefits, ensuring accurate tracking and verification of benefits-related data.


Other HR Services

HRIS Implementation

Support in implementing HR Information Systems for streamlined data management.

Customized Services

Tailored HR support for performance, relations, development, and strategy.

Interim HR Services

Ability to support your HR Team or Department of one during times of absences
Samples of HR Project solutions that enhances organizational efficiency

Performance Management System Implementation with Austin Alliance Group

Enhance organizational efficiency through an effective performance management system. This section covers implementation strategies, HR considerations, and software analysis to achieve streamlined processes and informed decision-making.


Step One: Evaluating Communication Methods

In this section, the focus is on evaluating the current practices within the organization, gathering feedback from stakeholders, and assessing communication methods. By engaging with different stakeholders, the core processes of the organization will be identified, enabling the recognition of priorities and objectives.


Step Two: Managing Workforce Changes Professionally

This section involves determining the factors and criteria to be taken into account when making decisions about hiring new employees, promoting existing ones, handling transfers, managing status changes within the organization, and handling terminations when necessary.


Step Three: Implementing Performance Software

In this section, the client’s chosen software for the performance management system is thoroughly examined. The aim is to understand the software’s capabilities and limitations, which will inform the development of an effective implementation plan for either a new or existing performance management system.


Step Four: Designing Performance Management System

This section involves creating the necessary format and processes for the performance management system. Additionally, it includes designing appropriate communications related to the system. The final step is to ensure seamless integration of these components into the client’s chosen software platform.
Samples of HR Project solutions that enhances organizational efficiency

Phased Approach for Organizational Engagement and Development with Austin Alliance Group

Austin Alliance Group is dedicated to improving organizational engagement and fostering employee development. Through a targeted approach that includes an engagement survey, job description refinement, and strategic framework development, the company aims to create a positive and productive work environment.


Step One: Organizational-wide Engagement Survey

Conduct a confidential engagement survey to identify gaps between leaders and staff perceptions. Analyze the results to create an engagement strategy, discussing areas that need attention and reviewing current employee engagement processes.


Step Two: Creating Meaningful Job Descriptions

Revamp job descriptions to attract candidates who align with Austin Alliance Group’s mission. Provide a revised job description and a roadmap for recreating the remaining job descriptions.


Step Three: Strategic Approach to Employee Engagement

Develop a customized strategy for employee engagement and appraisals. Collaborate with Austin Alliance Group to tailor the strategy to their core values. Deliver a comprehensive plan with engagement opportunities, appraisal timelines, and feedback solutions.

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